Punk and Queerness

What better way to end the semester than looking at the relationship between punk and queerness? Both concepts defy strict limitations and encourage radical, authentic action in order to further the idea of a more genuine world. As NPR put it in their survey of queer/punk history:

The term “punk,” by the way, has a long queer history predating its use in contemporary music. A “punk” has always meant a person up to something disreputable and socially deviant. In Shakespeare’s English, it meant a female prostitute; later it also connoted young men who sold sex to older men. Punk and queer are a match made in the gutter.

In all honesty, I keep typing and re-typing in this space and can no longer produce any original thoughts. Instead of accidentally plagiarizing an article that explains this much better than I could, I’ve decided to just link some articles that I was going to integrate and cite:

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