What better way to end the semester than looking at the relationship between punk and queerness? Both concepts defy strict limitations and encourage radical, authentic action in order to further the idea of a more genuine world. As NPR put it in their survey of queer/punk history:

The term “punk,” by the way, has a long queer history predating its use in contemporary music. A “punk” has always meant a person up to something disreputable and socially deviant. In Shakespeare’s English, it meant a female prostitute; later it also connoted young men who sold sex to older men. …

When I first found out that my pop punk kings Fall Out Boy were remixing a 100 gecs song, I almost couldn’t believe it. But then I heard the sweet, sweet sound of Patrick Stump and knew it was true :,) Peep the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JT8pVv1cT0. It’s WEIRD but excellent.

It’s been wild watching punk continuously evolve like this. Growing up in the early 2000s, pop punk bands like Fall Out Boy were the new kids on the block so to watch them become a sought after feature is lovely.

I’ve been critical of pop punk in the past because…

some homies coming together to discuss how the system is WHACK
  1. B L A C K L I V E S M A T T E R!!
  2. FUCK the police! All cops are bastards
  3. punk has no room for fascism
  4. if you’re a square and you don’t like gay shit then GTFOH
  5. fuck the system! never prioritize appeasing a system over helping your fellow comrades
  6. punk is a SAFE space — as rowdy as it may get in a mosh, you canNOT come after someone for how they present, who they love, or what their life has been like
  7. boys to the back — womxn and gender non-conforming folx to the…

I still have quite a few blogs to make up (and paper 3 to finish😔🙃) so look out for more content from DJ ogre nailz, but, for now, I shall reflect on the semester thus far.

It’s been a blast writing about punk this in-depth! When I first began researching punk, I was worried that I would struggle to find scholarly but not square articles about the movement. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there would be no such issue. If anything, I was overwhelmed by the many different paths that my research could take. …

I grew up on the east side of West Hollywood in a neighborhood called Little Odessa. My neighbors were mostly old folks who liked going for walks or playing checkers in Plummer Park—not exactly the hippest, youngest crowd. Santa Monica Boulevard has its own charm with its sex shops, dispensaries, and little Russian bakeries but it can be hard to imagine it housed the same wild LA of the 70s and 80s with how quiet the neighborhood has gotten. I went to elementary school a block south of the infamous Sunset Strip, passing the Viper Room and Whisky a Go…

Over the weekend, my roommates and I re-watched Jack Black’s cinematic masterpiece School of Rock. The film has many highlights — from guitarist Spider’s leather bolero jacket that perfectly frames his torso tattoo to Joan Cusack getting hammered to Stevie Nicks — but its brightest moment is when we’re given a glimpse of *gasp* a fully funded music program! The kids are given full freedom to explore their creativity from writing their own songs to doing their own production design and more. Each kid was made to feel special and integral in this “project” (except maybe the pair of groupies…

Audrey Neal

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